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Services are held in the main Church:

12140 Scott Avenue
West Palm Beach, FL 33409




9am Sunday School
10am Morning Service

7:30pm Night Service





7:30pm Prayer Night





Prayer On Site

We meet at the church or on another location (residence, prison, hospital, school). Prayer has no boundaries. We pray for you when and where you need it the most.

Please submit prayer requests online or call 561-951-7079


11am Radio Show (Prayer)

Listen to our Pastor as

he records his weekly

radio session

Peniel In Action

Radio Mondial 101.1 FM


Peniel Community Food Pantry


The mission of the Food Pantry is to distribute food to the needy and refer them to other community organizations for social services that may help them improve their lives and achieve self-sufficiency.



The Food Pantry has been suspended until we can find a new location to distribute the food. If you have or know a location that is big enough to hold food/grocery for approx 200-300 people, please call 561-951-7079.

Community Announcement


Any additional updates will be announced on our notice board and on our websites. You may also contact us at 561-951-7079.


Events will be announced at the church, on this website, during the radio show, or on our Facebook page. You may also call or text us at 561-951-7079 for updates

Peniel Conservatrice Church, Inc. is an IRS approved 501c(3) organization. Donors to a 501(c)(3) can deduct the amount of their gifts from their taxable income.

Church Fundraiser–December 15th

The youth ministry will host its annual family concert on Saturday, December 15, 2017. It will be a Spiritual Concert filled with laughter, music, praise dance, and fun activities for the whole family.

Please plan to attend or make a generous donation to help ensure that we can continue to be a strong part of the community. Click below to buy your tickets only $15.00

Date and Time

Sat, December 15, 2018

7:00 PM – 10:00 PM EST


Peniel Conservatrice Church

2140 Scott Avenue

West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Tickets available on event brite, Facebook/penielinaction, Stecker Dulcio 561-951-7079 or Gilberthe Antoine 561-667-2660.

Annual Revival


Praise & Worship service

April 01, 2018 - April 15, 2018

Theme: Zephaniah 1:14  / Sofoni 1:14

The Day of the Lord Has Begun

Ranje Zafe'w, Gran Jou-a Rive Sou Ou!


Relief Fund

Please show your support and donate to our Food Pantry Fund. The food pantry is currently suspended because our location is too small. We're looking for a larger space where we can store and serve food for approx 200 daily

Coming Soon

Information on upcoming events can be found at or by calling 561-951-7079

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