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The mission of Peniel Conservatrice Church is to love God and worship Him as He empowers us to reach, care, and disciple people for Jesus Christ.



For prayer or praise requests, please contact us at 561-951-7079,, or submit an online request.


Elders / Seniors


Our elders  pray ceaselessly for the spiritual and physical well--being of the church members and the community. They engage in activities that promote the church’s mission of making disciples who are Belonging, Growing, Serving and Reaching, both in their personal walk and in their influence over the walk of others. 1 Peter 5:3, Acts 6:2-4, James 5:14-15

Sunday School


Enriching bible study, debates

Sundays 9am



The women at the church are active participants. They meet on Saturday at 7:30 pm. Their goal is to welcome you with open arms and help each person become active participants in the church and community.



Saturday 7:00 pm. The youth has a diverse and multitude of programs designed to engage and help each individual discover his/her talent. 



The children meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30. From bible study to arts and theater, their class is always educational, fun, and spiritual.

Community Service


  • Health and Nutrition: Stay active, stay healthy with relevant easy to follow health tips and hands-on activities.

  • Self Development & Pastoral Counseling

  • Food Distribution (suspended until further notice)

  • Music Lesson (coming soon)

  • GED/ESOL Class (coming soon)

  • Computer training (coming soon)


Call 561-951-7079 for more information

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